Smutty says his economic policy is already paying off…

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I have got some great employment opportunities for you today, boy! Really. These are great jobs and if you are in the market for bringing home the bacon I suggest you apply now.

Crepes, Candy, Ice Cream & Waffles Team Member
Pay is hourly and based on skill, whatever that means.
The outpost offers thirteen Blue Marble ice cream flavors and a range of bulk candy, crepes, waffles, as well as homemade juices, root beer floats and milkshakes.
The best surprise, however, is the array of vintage confections with sweets like Gobstoppers, GooGo Clusters, Gummy Bears, Ju-Ju Hearts, Rock Candy, Slap Stix and MORE.
If you aren’t convinced then you must hate sugar and should not seek employment as a Crepes, Candy, Ice Cream & Waffles Team Member.

Apply Here if you are interested in Crepes, Candy, Ice Cream & Waffles

Carousel Operator
Wow. This is all going to be…

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Home Stretch

Whew! Smutty has been out shaking paws, sniffing babies, and chugging milk and cookies in an effort to spread his election platform.
It has been a grueling ride trying to spread positive messages and rally constituents during all of the media madness spreading gossip and negativity.
Smutty wants his supporters to know he appreciates the love and donations to the cause.
Smutty vows to get American back working and to support #SmallBusiness.  Stay tuned for a video from Smutty.

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