Humans Need Friends Too

Smutty has been following the recent release of the iPhone 4S with interest.  After all, when it is time to upgrade his smartphone, Smutty wants only the best.

But a disturbing fact has come out of the iPhone 4S, instead of humans using the phone to talk with other humans, or even their cats, humans are talking TO their iPhones.  And the phone is talking BACK.  And who is this “Siri” person anyway?  Human or animal?

If cell phones are for communication, when did the communication become between the phone and the human?  Smutty is of course, confused, as he is by so many human behaviors.  Shouldn’t you use the phone to talk to your family and friends?  Having a conversation with your phone seems just pitiful.  But maybe this is just a fad that will pass.

Smutty hopes so.  Meanwhile, Smutty will smack Nefertiti with his paw and strike up a conversation before our nap.


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