Meet Smutty

Welcome to The Daily (C)rant. This forum is where Duchess MacGullicutty, better known as Smutty, will discuss ideas and news near and dear to his furry heart.
A little background; Smutty is a medium sized, short haired mutt of the feline persuasion. He is white with a small accent of apricot fur on top of his head and has green eyes. His lifelong ambition is to be the Surpreme Emperor of the Universe. This ambition has been thwarted by many things, primarily the rules and activities of the peons known as humans.
I, the transcriptionist, am Smutty’s primary servant. I believed myself to be acquiring a pet to add fun and joy to the household, but swiftly found myself in indentured servititude. I invite you to join me in following the activities of a most interesting specimen. Enjoy the ride.


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